Need some extra security with your Halti or Training Head Halter? The Black Dog Connector Strap is precisely what you need.

Although Black Dog Head Halters are designed to tighten if a dog pulls backwards to escape the halter, in some cases you might need extra security. Connector Straps provide a great backup security for Training Halters, Infin8 Halters, Balance Harnesses and Car Harnesses.

Connected from a D Ring on the Harness or Halter back to the dog's collar it helps prevent those "Houdini dogs" from effecting their escape. Simply attach one end of the Halter Connector Strap to the harness and the other to the collar.

Connector Straps offer Security when working with:

  • Very strong dogs
  • Dogs with difficult temperaments
  • "Houdinis" - Dogs who try to back out of Halters and Harnesses

Mini Size - For use with Mini & Small Training Halter, Size 1 & 2 Infin8, or with Mini & Small size Harnesses.
Regular Size - For use with Medium & Large Training Halter, Size 3,4 & 5 Infin8, or with Medium & Large size Harnesses.

Dogs with a history of chewing Halters!


Brand BlackDog Wear
SKU BD-Connector
Pet Dog
Category Harness

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