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Keep your cat from getting bored with Cat Dancer Toys! Founded in 1983, Cat Dancer produces feline-approved cat teaser toys to keep your kitty chasing and hunting all day long. From the Original Cat Teaser Wire to the colourful Cat Charmers, Cat Dancer clever and fun toys for cats makes your pet’s day more entertaining and active.

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For some of the best cat toys around, Cat Dancer is one of our favourite interactive cat toy creators! Cat Dancer is popular for its steel wire cat teaser toy that swings and bounces around with “bait” on the end for your cat to paw, bat, and chase. Rainbow and holiday edition Cat Charmer ribbon teasers make the chase extra fun and challenging for your feline friend. Go for catnip-infused teasers to entice your cat to play (and give them a lil’ treat while they’re at it)! Each Cat Dancer teaser toy is tested and certified safe for kitties to enjoy.