Automate playtime for your dog with the Foobler blue-tooth activated treat dispenser! This automatic treat-dispensing toy ball has 6 various timer pods that give you a 6-in-1 dog puzzle game your pet will enjoy for hours. The battery-powered Foobler can last up to 9 hours and comes in different sizes for puppies and adult dogs to play with.

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Keep your dog distracted from separation anxiety and boredom with the Foobler! This innovative electronic interactive dog toy is activated by bluetooth through the Foobler smartphone app. The built-in timer allows you to set the amount of time to dispense each inner treat pod so that you can provide your dog with never-ending fun. Primarily a treat dispenser for dogs, the Foobler can also be used as a slow-feeding food dispenser to help control your pet’s portions and manage their eating habits. Since there are 6 separate compartments, you can switch up the treats to keep it fun and varied. The Foobler can also help improve cognitive skills, rectify bad behaviour (e.g., destroying furniture, pillows, etc.), and introduce your dog to new treats.