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For the fashion-forward canine, Hamish McBeth offers a dog’s dream wardrobe! This dog boutique brand presents a posh collection of affordable designer clothing and accessories for dogs. Made with the most trend-setting doggie designs, Hamish McBeth’s dog clothing make any dog or puppy into a magazine-ready fur-model!

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Hamish McBeth delivers trendy dog clothing, including dog tartan sweaters, plaid pyjamas, jumpers, and coats, as well as custom-made ID tags for dogs with free engraving for a personal touch. Whether for summer days at the beach or relaxing at home in cosy pyjamas, your dog can build their closet with these comfortable canine clothing. Accessories such as dog bandanas, collars, and harnesses are also additional Hamish McBeth extras you can include with your dog’s daily stylish outfits.