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Pamper your pet with Pet Head’s wild and fun pet skin and fur care products! From shampoos to detangling sprays, Pet Head offers a vibrant collection of pet hair care essentials to make bath time fun for you and your furry friend. Find sensitive skin shampoo, puppy shampoo and more in Pet Head’s line! Available pet care solutions for both dogs and cats.

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Made from the creators of Bed Head, Pet Head is the animal version of hair care products that help give your pet great skin and hair. This line of pet shampoo and conditioner and other pet grooming products is safe for pets and free of harmful ingredients such as petroleum derivatives and DEA; even if your dog licks the product, it won’t harm your pet. Pet Head’s Dirty Talk Deodourising Dog Shampoo is an excellent regular dog shampoo choice that helps eliminate odour and makes your dog smell fresh and clean every time. If your dog has sensitive skin and needs a mild and soothing shampoo, go for the Oatmeal Shampoo with Aloe to calm irritated and dry skin. If you want to keep your pet smelling fresh all the time, even in between baths, add the Pet Head Dry Spray Shampoo to your pet care routine; all you need to do is spritz this waterless clean spray all over your pet’s fur coat and let it dry to freshen up your pet the shortcut way!

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