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Go back to your pet’s primal diet with the Taste of the Wild biologically appropriate dry cat and dog food formulas. From wild boar to bison & venison, this all-natural pet food provider presents a selection of premium pet nutrition made from high-quality meats, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and more.

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Feed your pet quality nutrition that closely matches their ancestor’s diet Taste of the Wild grain-free dry pet food for cats and dogs. Digestible and delicious, these formulas contain real meat, fish or fowl and other energising and nutritious ingredients (e.g., sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas) that serves your pet with optimal daily nutrition that contains the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and essential fatty acids they need. Taste of the Wild has various blends to accommodate your pet’s dietary needs, even if they have allergies (e.g., can’t eat certain animal protein).