Keep your dog calm in high-stress situations without using calming treats or sprays with Thundershirt, a life-changing anti-anxiety vest for canines. With over 80% effectiveness, this vet-recommended anxiety relief solution helps relax your dog naturally.

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Separation anxiety in dogs is extremely common, and other anxiety-ridden environments, such as loud noises, crowds, a new home, etc., can stress out your dog. With Thundershirt’s effective anti-anxiety dog vest, this state-of-the-art pet care product is designed to help calm your pet anywhere. Thundershirt hugs your dog in a snug manner (not tight at all), and experts believe the pressure from the fitted vest assists with destressing your dog. Lightweight and breathable, this vest is comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors and is fully adjustable for better fitting. If you want a way to free your dog from anxiety or fear without using sprays or treats, the Thundershirt calming vest is for you!