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Remove dog and cat urine stains and odour from carpet with the vet-recommended Urine Off! This strong and effective stain and odour eliminator is safe for pets and humans to be around. Urine Off also has stain finder spray and UV flashlights to make it easier to find hidden urine spots. Available in small travel-sized to litre-sized bottles.

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Urine Off quickly and efficiently removes urine stains and odours from your pet’s accidents and leaves your house smelling fresh and clean again. This pet stain remover formula is a USDA certified biobased product and is made with biotechnology that utilises microorganisms and enzymes to break down urine stains and smells permanently. Approved by the U.S. Carpet and Rug Institute, Urine Off is your go-to pet stain removal product that you need as one of your ultimate pet care tools. For those hard-to-see pet stains, use the black light UV flashlight provided by Urine Off so that you can spot those elusive areas that may be sending unpleasant urine smells into the air without you knowing!