Finally, a Combined Water Fountain and Food Bowl for your Pets

Don't leave your Pets Thirsty! Your pets need fresh water just like you do, and getting enough water can sometimes be challenging, especially for pets that won't drink still water.

Why do Animals (cats in particular) Love Running Water? Some cats are very finicky about their water. You leave fresh water out for them all day, but the minute you turn on the tap they come rushing for a drink. In the wild, a cat will usually only drink moving water which helps to help prevent illness.

In nature, moving water is much fresher than stagnant water. The movement constantly breaks the surface tension of the water and draws oxygen from the air into the water. This process is called aeration and it makes water more appealing to drink.

Now, with the Catit Fountain and Food Bowl combo, your pets are sorted!


  • Multi-surface drinking areas allows pets to drink from the bowl or directly from the dome.
  • 3 litre water capacity
  • Replaceable purifying filter.
  • Protective plastic cord guard: prevents cord contact with water; protects cord from pet chewing.
  • Re-circulating water flow: cools and aerates water, eliminates stagnant water.
  • Large surface area adds oxygen to water for fresher, tastier water.
  • Convenient Dome handle
  • Replacement Purifying Filters and matching place mat also available (sold separately - CD106b).

Replaceable Purifying Filter
The unit comes with a free carbon filter that captures dirt, food particles and debris. Activated carbon helps reduce bad odours and absorbs other tap water impurities. The multi-stage filtration cartridge system collects debris, food, hair and sediment keeping your best friend's water clean and fresh.

Multi-surface drinking areas
Allow your pet to drink from the bowl or directly from the dome. The unit's greater water capacity (3 litres/100 fl oz) ensures that continuous fresh water is always available, and eliminates the need for daily refilling.

Its safe, low-voltage system (12V) is energy-efficient, consuming less than 4 watts (or less power than a night light). Suitable for multiple pets, the Catit Design Fresh & Clear Cat Drinking Fountain with food bowl is also suitable for puppies and small dogs.

Easy to clean
The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain with food bowl is easy to clean and maintain, and is ideal for any living space. It looks seriously very cool!

Measurements: 27.9 x 40.6 x 20.3 cm

What do users of the product have to say?
We bought this in desperation because it seemed that our two furry little treasures had taken to drinking out of the sink in our lovely new kitchen. They refused to use their water bowl, but since a previous cat had died of kidney failure, we were worried enough about their fluid intake (not to mention what our friends thought of finding cats in the kitchen sink) to invest in a water fountain. Psycho prefers to drink from the dome, while Mini used the bowl - you should hear the little burbling sounds of pleasure she makes while lapping. The blue mat came free with it, but we actually find it quieter (and less visually obtrusive) without. It's definitely a big hit with us all - I just wish we'd bought it ages ago. - Molly Malone

Perfect for Multi-Pet Homes
The Fresh Water Fountain has a 3 litre reservoir, which makes it ideal for both cats, puppies and small dogs to drink from the same bowl. Not too big, so it's easy for shorter pets to reach!

What do you get?

  • Catit Fresh & Clear 3 litre Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl
  • Australian AC Power Adapter
  • Catit Filter - 1 month of filtered water
  • Food bowl

Why Wait until your pets are parched?.. Simply Scroll Up And Buy Yours Now!


Brand Catit
Barcode # 22517500507
Pet Cat
Category Fountains

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