Is it time to replace the filters of your Catit Feeding & Drinking Station?

Prolong the life of your fountain and the cleanliness of your pet's water by replacing the filters every 3-4 weeks or when there is visible debris that can't be removed. Activated carbon helps reduce bad odours and absorbs other tap water impurities. The multi-stage filtration cartridge system collects debris, food, hair and sediment keeping your best friend's water clean and fresh.

The replacement Catit Fresh and Clear filters are purifying filters that have dual functions:

  • Collects debris, food and sediment and filters it out of the water.
  • Reduces bad tastes, odours and absorbs impurities.

These filters fit the Catit Fresh and Clear drinking fountain with food bowl station.

Pack includes 3 filters!


Brand Catit
SKU CD106b
Barcode # 22517500569
Pet Cat
Category Fountains
Product Type Filters

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