If you are looking to spice up an existing collection or have a few kitties in the family, this is the cat sitter and toy you've been looking for!

Round and Round and Round they go, where they stop, nobody knows!!!  With its motion-activated, flashing ball that your cat can swipe at through large, peek-a-boo, openings, the Catit Senses Speed Circuit is sure to keep your cat focused on pet appropriate play (not the couch), for hours of the day! The ball lights up when it zips through the track like a rollercoaster and is perfect at night as it flashes red.


  • Interior slopes - Gives natural variance to ball movement.
  • Washable - Can be separated, washed and left to air dry.
  • Compact design - Purrrrfect size for smaller spaces and apartment living.
  • Sturdy design - Even the rowdiest of cats can't destroy this toy!
  • Made for paws - Smooth Openings in the clear blue top allow for safe proper play. WONT damage paws.
  • Pet Sitter - Keeps pet focused on their toy and not yours!
  • Illumination Motion-Activated Ball - Helps focus your pet on pet specific toys and not on you during undesirable hours. The right toy for the pet with 'play with me at 3am' syndrome.

INCLUDES: 1 solid white round base, clear half open top for instinctive style play, set up instruction, and 1 'catch me if you can' interior glow ball. 

Catit Senses will become your favourite Pet Sitter - While you're away at work, your pet still 'feels' your love with plenty of activities. For add-ons, check out the entire Catit Sensis range.

Catit has developed a range of toys and pet sitters for the array of cat personalities out there!


Brand Catit
Barcode # 22517507353
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Chase
Style Speed Circuit

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