Make catch games smarter and more fun for your pup with the Chuckit! Launcher.

The Chuckit! Sport Launcher allows you to toss Chuckit! balls without using your hands, keeping them free of slobber and dirt. Your active canine will also love this ball launcher since you can throw balls farther and faster. With the Chuckit! Launcher you and your dog will have more fun bonding over countless future catch games that travel further and further than a normal ball toss!.


  • Hands-free ball launcher toy and ball scooper
  • Throws are more accurate and predictable
  • Encourages more activity in a shorter amount of time
  • Portable dog toy accessory
  • Perfect for use with appropriately-sized Chuckit! balls
  • Available in many sizes and assorted colours.

Sport 12 - Small Ball - 30cm handle - Short-range
Sport 14S - Small Ball - 33cm handle - Short-range
Sport 18M - Regular size ball - 45cm hangle - Mid-range
Sport 26L - Large Ball - 64cm handle - Long-range

More control over ball throwing compared with throwing by hand!


Brand Chuckit!
SKU chuckit-sport-launcher
Pet Dog
Category Toy
Toy Type Ball

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