Pamper you precious cat today with the Meyou designer cat bed - made of high quality materials for the ultimate in luxury.

For those who love both their pets and functional design, we have Meyou designer cat beds.

Direct from Paris, Meyou cat beds are beautiful and functional, designed to compliment your lifestyle and keep your cat cozy. Handcrafted in Paris using the finest natural materials solid wood, metal, cotton and wool, these beautiful designs have an architectural feel and would look amazing in a modern home.

Each luxury cat bed has been designed to offer our cats the maximum of comfort while complementing your home's decor. Their subtle and refined design brings together curved and straight lines, creating an elegant cocoon for our cats. Curious and playful by nature, your cat will be able to use it to take shelter, observe the world, hide, nap or sharpen their claws.

THE CUBE: The CUBE represents the flawlessness of a graphic shape, the softness of a handmade woven cotton bubble and a real territory for your cat. A small cube in which it can sleep in and sharpen its claws.

THE BALL: The BALL represents an organic balance between wood and metal, combined with the comfort of cotton. Another cocoon that your cat will not resist.


  •     Contemporary curves
  •     Perfectly framed
  •     Safe warm haven with soft cushion
  •     Designed for the discerning cat
  •     Choose your complimentary colour

Colour: Champagne

    Dimensions 42 x 42 x 42cm
    Opening 20cm
    Weight 2.5kg
    Weight when shipping 3.4kg

Whats in the Box?

    Power coated metal frame, in matched colour
    Woven cotton ball
    Washable soft cushion

Your MEYOU Cube designer cat bed comes fully assembled and ready to unpack. If you do have any shaping to the cotton ball in transit, you can simply dampen it with a light mist of water, and the material will be able to be pressed back into the bubble shape. Ensure you don’t over wet the surface (outside only is needed), and let it dry completely (recommend 12 hours) before your cat inhabits the new home. The bottom can also be treated the same, should you wish to change the angle on the opening to suit.

30 Day Guarantee: Try the MEYOU Ball in your home for 30 days and experience what our satisfied customers already know, that the MEYOU Ball is the stylish cat bed you and your cat have been looking for. You are protected by the manufacturer's 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you or your cat/s are not fully satisfied with the MEYOU Ball cat bed, for any reason, contact Lucky Pet for return details.

12 Month Warranty: Cat Evolution provides 12 month warranty against maaanufacturing faults. During the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace your product in line with their Warranty.



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Pet Cat
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