You don’t need to keep your cat entertained when you have the inventive Dangling Fish toy from Petstages!

Even when you’re away from home, you can still give your cat the entertainment they want with this original cat teaser from Petstages. This hands-free toy comes with a super strong suction cup that can attach to any smooth and flat surface. True to its name, the Dangling Fish hangs from windows and other surfaces to tease your cat into hours of exciting play.

With inner crinkle material and chewable streamers as a tail fin, the fish toy on the end is your pet’s reward for successfully capturing their prey. The crinkly noise produced by the fish captivates your cat’s attention and tempts them to keep pawing and swatting the toy. The string attached to the fish bounces and moves in unpredictable patterns to keep your kitty’s interest. If you want a convenient cat toy that allows you to entertain your active feline any time, get the Petstages Dangling Fish for all-day amusement!


  • New twist on the classic cat teaser wand toy
  • Features a strong suction cup on that attaches to almost any smooth surface
  • Springy string that bounces up and down for extra enticement to play
  • Dangles in front of your cat and provides hours of entertainment
  • Crinkly fish toy to capture your kitty’s attention
  • Chewy streamers on the end of fish for even more fun elements for your cat

Ideal cat toy for preventing boredom!


Brand Petstages
Barcode # 871864003816
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Teaser

Ratings & Reviews

LuckyPet Customer

13 December 2019

Ok, so no kidding, our cat is totally smitten by this little fish. From the first glance six years ago, it's been love, love and love. We never even got to stick it onto the glass door as intended, she just stole it away from us. Ever since then she's carried it around with turns up on people's beds, in the lounge room, occasionally on the kitchen bench (!!)...there's nowhere she won't take it (except, happily the kitty litter. She obv thinks too much of it for that). She also brings it to us like a dog and drop it at our feet, waiting for us to play a weird version of "Cat and Mouse". Because of the grilling she gives it, we're now on our fifth fact for the last couple of years I've started buying them in twos and threes, to save on postage. But seriously, given the happiness it brings her, I don't have any problem shelling out for a replacement every now and then. It's totally worth it. She's never shown *any* interest in any other toy....only this one. I wish I could meet the maker, just to thank him, brings her so much happiness

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