Snack time is PLAY TIME with Doc & Phoebe's The Twirly Bird Snacker.

Doc & Phoebe's spinning snacker offers cats a way to fulfill the instinct of foraging and playing with their food.

Doc & Phoebe's Twirly Bird is a bird shaped food and treat dispenser. As cats swat at the bird, it spins and drops kibble or treats in the tray below. Feathers add to the exciting playtime.

This foraging toy by Doc & Pheobe is a great toy and food/treat dispenser in one! Cats learn to tap the bird to dispense food or treats into the bowl that features a maze, making it even more challenging. Feathers add to the intrigue.

Make it even more challenging by taping over some of the bird's holes to increase the level of difficulty for your kitty.


  • Veterinarian designed to help reduce boredom and lethargy and provide hours of fun
  • Bird shaped food & treat dispenser
  • The bird spins as the cat paws at it, dispensing food into the tray below
  • Top loading dispenser with snap fit lid
  • Feathers are removable for cleaning

Measures approx. 13cm x 18cm


SKU E33054
Barcode # 077234330548
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Category Bowls
Category Toy,Bowls
Toy Type Treat Dispenser
Product Type Slow Bowl

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