Give your pet a tasty treat that’s healthy and clean with the Fishtastic Fish Slivers!

Chewy and delicious, these Fish Slivers are made with a single ingredient with any unnecessary additions, such as chemicals, artificial flavours/colours, fillers, salt or sugar. Made into bite-sized strings of gently dehydrated fish, these pet treats can also double as meal toppers to give your pet’s meals extra nutrition.

Packed with omega fatty acids, these fish treats are a natural source for healthy fats for cats and dogs. The natural texture of these dehydrated fish treats make great chew treats for your pet and even help clean teeth by rubbing away plaque buildup.

Using only Australian wild-caught fish that are sustainably sourced, Fishtastic sources from fisheries that are heavily regulated and have strict sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Free of nasties like chemicals, artificial flavours and colouring, fillers, salt or sugar, these grain-free fish treats for pets are clean and only contain what your furry friend needs for optimal health.

Why Cats and Dogs Need Omega Fatty Acids

Fish are a natural source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and, just like us humans, your pets require these healthy fats that help improve multiple health areas, including brain functioning, joint & cartilage health and mobility, skin health and texture, fur coat appearance, and heart health. These essential fatty acids can also help relieve inflammation caused by joint issues like mild arthritis and support recovery from surgeries or injuries. 


  • Australian-made dehydrated fish treats and meal toppers for cats and dogs
  • Made from sustainably sourced, wild-caught Australian fish
  • Gently dehydrated to preserve natural flavours and nutrition
  • Packed with omega fatty acids that help boost your pet’s health
  • Chewy, crunchy texture that is irresistible and help clean teeth (removes plaque)
  • Made with zero chemicals, fillers, artificial flavours/colours, salt or sugar
  • Grain-free treats that’s great for sensitive stomachs and pets with food allergies
  • Includes fish skin for an extra dose of flavour and nutrition for your pet
  • Great alternative to fish oil for pets and all-natural treats you can feel good about!
  • 100% Australian made

Size: 80g

Fish treats are a natural dried product and what you receive may vary in shape and colour from our images.

Make healthier pet treat choices with the Fishtastic Fish Slivers for Cats and Dogs!


Brand Fishtastic Pet Treats
Barcode # 9355396000358
Pet Cat
Category Treats
Treat Type Dried Single Ingredient
Country of Manufacture Australia
Main Flavour Fish

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