Eliminate hairballs and hair from clothing and furniture!

Reduce allergies caused by pets
A dead undercoat that is the underlying source of shedding, and a pet owners #1 complaint, and which leads to allergies. According to the Humane Society of the United States, simply bathing your pet and removing loose hair and dander can reduce the level of allergens by as much as 85%. When pets are not brushed or cleaned at least once a week, microscopic particles of their allergens become airborne in large quantities.

Eliminate matting and trips to the groomer = Save $$$
The more you brush your pets, the fewer trips you'll need to make to the groomer to deal with painful matting.

Won't irritate tender skin like a slicker brush
The stainless steel comb of a Genuine FURminator has rounded tips so they are not sharp like a slicker brush and don't irritate tender skin while reaching deep beneath your dog or cat's longer topcoat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair faster and easier.


  • Anti-slip rubber grip handle 
  •  Plastic protective cap to protect blade when not in use
  •  FURejector button to remove loose hair from the brush  
  •  Easy-care stainless steel blade, simply rinse and wipe clean
  •  Helps to eliminate stray hair and allergies associated with it
  •  Helps to eliminate hairballs in cats
  •  Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb
  •  Designed and recommended by a groomer for professional results

SIZE - For Small-Sized breeds such as:

  •  Affenpinscher
  •  Australian Terrier
  •  Bichon Frisé
  •  Boston Terrier
  •  Cairn Terrier
  •  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  •  Chinese Crested
  •  Dachshund
  •  Italian Greyhound
  •  Jack Russell Terrier
  •  Lhasa Apso
  •  Maltese
  •  Miniature Pinscher
  •  Miniature Schnauzer
  •  Papillon
  •  Poodle - Toy
  •  Pug
  •  Scottish Terrier
  •  Shih Tzu
  •  Silky Terrier
  •  Yorkshire Terrier

Available in two blade lengths:
Long Hair - For hair longer than 5cm
Short hair - For hair shorter than 5cm

Brings out the pet's natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny topcoat!/p>


Brand Furminator
SKU LP10655
Pet Dog
Category Grooming
Type Deshedding

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