HoundHouse Waterproof Heated Mat

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Keep your Pooch Warm this Winter with a Trusted Australian Name.

Like people, cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia and should be kept inside. Sometimes this isn't possible--so when you can't keep them inside, keep them warm with the trusted Houndhouse Heat mat.

If you are after a Durable, Breathable Hygienic Bed that prevents fleas and stays warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather, the Australian-designed Houndhouse Heat Mat is the Heat Mat that will keep your pooch comfortable and warm this Winter.

The Hound House Heat Mattress is a combination of the Original Hound House Mattress and an internal heat pad. Perfect for use in a Houndhouse or any other home or bed.

What pets need a heat pad?

Pets with Illnesses
Pets with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or hormonal imbalances (such as Cushing’s disease) may have a harder time regulating their body temperature, and may be more susceptible to problems from temperature extremes. The same goes for very young and very old pets.

Very young, arthritic or elderly pets
Arthritic and elderly pets feel the cold even more, making it harder for them to walk and move around.  Pets that are suffering from arthritis or physical injury will receive comfort from a heated surface. A dog or cat with arthritis should be able to move the injured joint better when the affected area is kept warm.

Pets who like to be outside
Just like you, pets prefer comfortable sleeping places and may change their location based on their need for more or less warmth. Give them some safe options to allow them to vary their sleeping place to adjust to their needs.

Houndhouse Heat Mats offer breathable, waterproof, regulated heat.


  • Waterproof breathable canvas - perfect for incontinent dogs and puppies
  • Prevents fleas
  • Canvas is proofed, making it unpalatable to chewing dogs
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Scratch resistant - the proofing in the canvas waxes up causing a glaze over the surface.
  • The thermostat regulates heat to 32 degrees Celsius (ambient temperature)
  • Power cod is 1.5 m from the heated pad to power pack
  • Removable power cords! A Mat in Summer, A Heat Pad in Winter
  • Heating pad with Australian plug
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth or even a hose down

Colour: Available in Green or Camo

Small - 50cm x 38 cm
Medium - 58cm x 55cm
Large - 80cm x 70cm
Extra Large - 100cm x 75cm


The power pack lead is 12 volts from power outlet, so even if your dog does chew the cord, the voltage is very low - remember to keep an eye on any electrical equipment. The heat pad itself is in the corner of the mat and doesn’t cover the whole mat allowing the dog to self-regulate heat/temperature if they get too hot they move. (this is why  a heat pad is not recommended for puppies, as they can’t yet self-regulate).

The mattress will heat up in around 5 minutes, and will feel slightly warm to touch, this is normal as the mattress will attain most of its heat when your pet is sleeping on it.

Brand Hound House