K&H Coolin' Pet Pad - Keeping cats and dogs cool all Summer!

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The Coolin’ Pet Pads by K&H are the ultimate in affordable comfort to cool your pets.

They can be used on their own on any surface or placed on a pet’s bed. You don't need electricity to operate the Coolin' Pad so they're a safe option for cats and dogs and even other small animals.

Attractively designed to give your pet a cool spot, simply place the Coolin' Pet Pad on any hard surface. The K&H Coolin' Pet Pads are specifically designed to help keep your pets comfy on a hot day. They are constructed of PBA free materials and contain no toxic gels. There's no need to refrigerate them and can be transported easily when you go camping or for a day trip.

Not only does the K&H Coolin' Pet Pad keep your pet cool, it is also great for comforting older pets that are ailing from joint pain, swelling, stress, arthritis, skin conditions, cushing disease, hip dysplasia and more.

Can be used for cats, too!
Since dogs & cats have the same body temperature, this product will work for cats as well. While there is always a chance of puncture if a cat claws at the bed, this product has a tough exterior that will stand up to normal usage from a cat.

Does this Coolin' Pet Pad always stay at a constant temperature?
This product will stay at ambient air temperature.

How long does it cool with constant use?
This product does not require refrigeration, so there is no time limit for how long it will stay cool when in use.


  • A simple way to keep pets cool
  • Use as a stand alone item or on a pet bed
  • No electricity required
  • Place on any hard surface (Note that carpet holds the heat from the pad, which can make it harder for the heat to dissipate)
  • Nylon exterior is tougher than ever for long-lasting use
  • Stays at ambient air temperature
  • Safe - No toxic gels and BPA free
  • Never dries out - fill with water only once
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and travel use
  • Great for pet parents on the go
  • Made from anti-microbial material
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty against defects

Small – 28cm L x 38cm W
Medium – 38cm L x 50cm W
Large – 50cm L x 91cm W
X-Large – 69cm L x 97cm W

How to use:
When the Coolin' Pet Pad arrives simply fill it with water, then place it in a shaded area. The Coolin' Pet Pad responds to your dog's body heat, absorbing and regulating their body temperature for hours of cool soothing relief. No need to 'recharge'. Recommended for use in temperatures under 38 degrees celcius.


Cleaning: These pads must be cleaned by hand and should NOT be placed in the washing machine.


Brand K&H