Kitter Litter Double Sieve Tray for Wood Pellet Litter

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Kitter wood pellet litter is a new, fresh, and economical litter made in Australia that gives your home the benefit of that fresh pine scent.

Using a double sifting tray makes litter cleaning super easy!

The Set includes

  • Base Tray
  • Top sifter tray
  • Litter scoop

Tray measures: 37cm x 47cm x 13cm (outside edges)

How does the tray work?

  • The tray is made up of two parts - two trays sit on top of each other, and the top one has holes in the bottom which act like a sieve.
  • Place a handful of litter in the bottom tray and the rest in the top tray
  • Scoop out any solids with the provided scoop
  • Liquid waste is quickly absorbed by the product and breaks down into a brown sawdust-type mix.
  • This then drops through into the bottom tray leaving the top tray contents totally dry. Just give it a light shake.
  • Any liquid waste that drops straight through the sieve tray is absorbed by the original handful in the bottom tray.
  • Empty the lower tray and add another handful of clean litter ready for the next day!

How to use the Two Piece Sieve Tray
Put a small amount of litter in the bottom layer under the sieve – use 2 to 3 handfuls.  This litter absorbs any liquid that goes through the top layer.  Put a layer of approximately 2cm of litter in the top of the sieve and the tray is ready to use.

Regularly shake the tray. This allows litter that has absorbed the odour causing liquid to fall through the sieve into the base.  Scoop out solids daily.  The wet litter, in the base, can be replaced as required.

Why is Kitter special?

Super absorbant: Absorbs more liquid faster than other litters, and is economical to use.
Absorbs quickly: Do the Kitter Challenge - Take a hand full of Kitter and put it in a clear glass container. Add the same amount of water. See how quickly it is soaked up compared to other litters.
Odour Control: Releases a Pine Fresh Scent
Highly Absorbent: One kilo of Kitter can absorb over 3 litres of odour causing liquid.
Eco Friendly and Biodegradable: All raw materials for Kitter are sourced from renewable plantation timber and are 100% bio-degradable.
Pure Product: No added chemicals -  Kitter is made from all natural wood with no additives of any kind.
Garden Friendly: Kitter is great for composting. You can also spread it on the lawn or mix into garden beds. (Not to be used in vegetable gardens. Always wash your hands after handling soiled litter and wear gloves).
Economical: You don't have to replace anything but a few handsful of litter at a time, not the whole trayful! Every 2–3 weeks, or more frequently if required, clean the whole tray with bleach or a non-citrus based equivalent, and replace all the litter.

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Brand Kitter
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