Amp up your cat’s playtime and make their favorite cardboard cat scratcher more entertaining with the KONG Connects Scratch!

Want to make your cat scratcher better than ever? With this innovative and fun toy, your cat won’t ever want to leave their scratcher. The KONG Cat Connects Scratch is a plug-and-play toy where you place it on your cat’s cardboard scratcher and let your kitty use it as an extra entertainment tool to help keep them occupied all day long. Made with a flexible body that bends and flops around to entice your feline to play.

At the top of the toy features a catnip dispenser that is already stuffed with KONG premium North American catnip to give your kitty a treat while they enjoy themselves. The feather accent at the top of the toy also makes this toy even more thrilling for your pet.


  • Unique cat toy accessory that attaches to any cardboard cat scratcher for extra playtime
  • Features a springy body for unpredictable movement to entice your pet to play
  • Pegs at the base of the toy for effortless and secure placement
  • Filled catnip dispenser compartment at the top and accented with feathers


Blue + Green

Pink + Yellow

Purple + Orange

Measurement: Approx. 227mm high

Designed to attract your kitty’s attention and make cat scratchers more exciting!


Brand KONG
Barcode # 35585394015

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