Delight your furry friend with the KONG Sqrunch toys and let them indulge in the squeaky and crunchy fun all in one toy!

A toy that makes crunching and squeaking noises at the same time? Your dog will bark a big and loud “Yes, please!” The Sqrunch toy is packed with noise-making features that dogs love and cleverly combines squeaky and crunchy sound effects in one toy. It’s simply music to your dog’s ears! You won’t have any trouble getting your pooch to play when you give this toy a squeeze.

Made from durable, yet flexible and soft, material, the Sqrunch dog toys are easy on your canine’s jaws, but can handle some rough play, too. These toys can be used to help you strengthen your bond with your pet or give your dog something to do while you’re away from home. Keep your furry friend from getting bored and taking too many naps during the day with the super fun and boisterous KONG Sqrunch toy! Collect all three designs (Dumbbell, Football, U.F.O.) to treat your dog to a variety.


  • Mentally stimulating dog toy that encourages your pet to stay active
  • Loud squeaky and crunchy noises to tempt dogs to play
  • Keeps your canine entertained
  • Flexible, yet durable, rubber body for easy biting and chewing
  • Made from tough material for long-lasting fun
  • Great for bonding with your pet or independent play

SQRUNCH Designs Available:

SQRUNCH Football

SQRUNCH Dumbbell


Sizes Available:

Small (Dumbbell, U.F.O. only)

Large (Dumbbell, Football, U.F.O.)



Small: Approx. 56mm x 152mm x 56mm

Large: Approx. 76mm x 203mm x 76mm


Large: Approx. 127mm x 203mm x 107mm


Small: Approx. 97mm x 97mm x 76mm

Large: Approx. 102mm x 127mm x 102mm

Your furry friend won’t be bored anymore when they have the KONG Sqrunch in their toy box!


Brand KONG
Barcode # 35585004983

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