Satisfy your cat’s curious and playful nature with the Tropics Teaser!

Chasing and catching is a cat’s favorite pastime, and the Tropics Teaser is a fantastic toy that brings out your cat’s natural instincts to hunt while adding in exercise into their day. With the vibrant and colorful feathers and critter, you can tickle and tease your kitty and lure them into a fun pursuit.

The long string allows you to bounce the toy in erratic patterns to keep your pet’s interest. Packed with irresistible, high-quality catnip, the friendly critter on the end of the string rewards your cat instantly when they capture it. The catnip also acts as a bait for your feisty feline. Watch your cat in action and help them stay active with the Tropics Teaser toy!


  • Classic cat toy that every feline adores playing with
  • Features a friendly and feathery critter on the end of the string to use as a cat charmer
  • Critter stuffed with premium catnip to reward your kitty
  • Long string for more unpredictable movement
  • Sturdy wand for better handling
  • Durable wool fabric for a long-lasting toy
  • Encourages your cat to stay active and prevents boredom
  • Sharpens your pet’s instincts to hunt and capture

A must-have cat toy for your kitty’s toy box!


Brand KONG
Barcode # 35585328089

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