Feet are made up largely of skin, cartilage and tendons, making them a terrific health food (for humans too!)

This makes them a great, single ingredient dehydrated treat or chew. Our chicken feet for dogs are air-dried with no additives or preservatives in Australia with Australian Chicken. As a single product protein ingredient, they are safe for dogs with allergies to other proteins or grains.


  • 100 % Australian Chicken Feet
  • Air dried with no additives or preservatives
  • Made in Australia with Australian Chicken.
  • Single product protein ingredient
  • Treat your dog and pets right! They will thank you!

Approx. 4 chicken feet per bag.

All Natural, All grain free, all Australian and all single product species appropriate dog treats for your pet.


Barcode # 728238625634
Pet Dog
Category Treats
Treat Type Crunchy
Treat Type Dental Chew
Treat Type Air Dried
Treat Type Dried single ingredients
Treat Type Crunchy,Dental Chew,Air Dried,Dried single ingredients
Country of Manufacture Australia
Main Flavour Chicken

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