Make your cat’s playtime more magical with the Mad Cat Mewnicorn strong!

Featuring two unicorn-themed plush toys, the Mewnicorn cat toy set is a must-have for cat lovers! This set comes with a friendly unicorn character and a rainbow unicorn poop toy filled with a delightful blend of silvervine and catnip to entice your cat to play.

Silvervine is an all-natural catnip alternative that many cats enjoy and is perfect for cats who are not affected by regular catnip. This unique formula provides extra potency and long-lasting scents that will continue to attract your pet to the Mewnicorn toy.

The unicorn and its rainbow poop pal also have crinkle material inside to make chewing and biting more exciting and satisfying for your cat. Decorated with colourful feathers on the end, the Mewnicorn unicorn cat toy stimulates your cat’s natural instincts to chase and hunt, which encourages your pet to stay active all day. 


  • Catnip-stuffed 2-pack unicorn cat plush toy designed to keep your cat entertained all day long
  • Includes a friendly unicorn and a rainbow unicorn poop toys for double the fun
  • Filled with a special blend of pesticide-free, premium catnip and silvervine for extra potency
  • All-natural silvervine that attracts many cats and provides an alternative to regular catnip
  • Great for cats that don’t get affected by traditional catnip toys
  • Crinkle material inside the toys for added fun when chewing or biting
  • Colourful feathers on the end of the unicorn to encourage hunting and chasing instincts

Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm x 3.5cm

Keep your cat entertained during the day with the Mad Cat Mewnicorn!


Brand Mad Cat
SKU 6529-024
Barcode # 847388065296
Pet Cat
Category Toy
toy type Catnip

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