Healthy skin and fur starts from the inside out, and creams, lotions, and shampoos made from harsh chemicals and other skin-irritating ingredients can make the condition worse.

The answer to long-lasting healthy, moisturized skin and shiny, soft fur is a highly nutritious diet. With the Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack, you’ll get all you need to support your pet’s health!

This kit comes with three different exclusive products from Natural Animal Solutions, and they include the High Potency Vitamin C powder, the DigestaVite Plus powder, and the Omega 3, 6, and 9 Oil Blend. Each skincare essential provides plenty of nutrients to not only give your furry friend nourished skin and beautiful fur, but they also boost your pet’s overall health, from strengthening the immune system to supporting and strengthening the joints.

If your pet has skin-damaging habits, such as licking paws and biting the skin, or they’re frequently scratching and tearing through their skin, this Skin Pack has what you need to start a natural healing process. Made from pure and natural ingredients, each petcare item in this set is beneficial for pets of all skin types. Get your exclusive Skin Pack today and boost the health of your animal companion to new heights for a happier, healthier life!


  • 3-in-1 petcare pack that helps improve skin health from within
  • Includes High Potency Vitamin C, DigestaVite Plus, and Omega Oil
  • Each product is made in Australia and formulated by Australian naturopaths
  • Helps improve common skin conditions such as dry, flaky skin
  • Aids in stopping bad habits such as licking paws and chewing on skin
  • Boosts overall physical health and packed with essential nutrients for better functioning
  • Easy to administer to pets and digestible
  • Great to use with Natural Animal Solutions’ Itchy Scratch product

Size: 50g/200mL

*Ingredients and directions on label for each product. 

Suitable for all skin types and dogs, cats, and small pets!


Brand Natural Animal Solutions
Barcode # 9341976000337
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Health & Wellbeing
Condition Skin & Coat
Country of Manufacture Australia

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