Supercharge your dog’s playtime with the Omega Paw X-treme Treat Ball!

Transform the way you give your dog their favourite treats with the Omega Paw X-treme Treat Ball! This treat-dispensing dog toy features a windmill design and a bouncy ball in the centre where you add treats. Tug and play fetch or let your dog roll the toy around to release the treats hidden inside! The extensions of this treat toy are made with Ballistic fabric for durable and reinforced material to prolong playtime. With no squeaker or other noisemakers, this dog toy provides quiet independent or interactive play for your pet and helps keep boredom at bay.


  • Interactive and intermediate treat-dispensing dog toy with a fun windmill design!
  • Features a single treat hole in the centre to add or release treats/dog kibble
  • Durable Ballistic fabric material - great for tugging and moderate chewing
  • No squeaker or other noisemakers for quiet and focused solo playtime
  • Designed to mentally challenge and stimulate your pet’s mind for exciting entertainment
  • Great for both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Ideal for dogs of all ages & sizes to enjoy!

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Enhance your dog’s entertainment with the challenging and fun Omega Paw X-treme Treat Ball!


Brand Omega Paw
SKU Omega-extreme
Pet Dog
Category Treat Dispenser
Features Slow Bowl
Toy Type Ball

Ratings & Reviews


18 March 2022

I bought one of these in February for my ravenous GS puppy. He used to eat his kibble in a matter of seconds and then stare at me with his big brown eyes and ask 'More?" This was exactly what I needed. It holds about 1/4 cup of kibble so when it is empty I fill it again until he has eaten all his meal. Its a soft, gentle, quiet toy which is nice to settle the little guy down. He doesn't get frustrated like he does with some of the other dispensing toys from other sites. I love this and have just ordered two more. He's 16 weeks now and while the fabric is pulling a bit, when it has pulled totally out, I'll still have the ball to put treats in and use it that way.

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