Make the most out of your dog’s Christmas morning by giving them a challenging, entertaining, and mentally stimulating hide-and-seek puzzle toy from Outward Hound!

Now your dog’s toys can play hide-and-seek with them! This fantastic puzzle game from Outward Hound engages your pet in mentally stimulating challenges and gives them something more to do other than the usual biting, chewing, wrestling, etc., activities.

These holiday edition puzzle plush toys each come with three squeaky toys for you to stuff inside the other toy. Give the toy a squeeze to make it squeak and entice your dog to play! You can also place treats inside to provide more incentive for your canine to take on the puzzle game challenge. This holiday hunt-and-find puzzle toy from Outward Hound is available in three fun and festive designs.

Give your furry friend a toy they can enjoy again and again with the Hide-A-Present, Hide-A-Toy Gingerbread House or the Hide-A-Squirrel puzzle toys!


  • Mentally challenging puzzle game toy for dogs
  • Helps improve problem-solving skills and sharpen your dog’s senses
  • Keeps your canine entertained and prevents boredom
  • Comes with 3 exclusive squeaky toys for each puzzle to entice pet to solve the puzzle
  • Holes in main component of puzzle set to stuff extra toys and treats inside
  • Made from super soft plush toy – great for light to moderate chewers
  • Special holiday edition of Outward Hound’s plush puzzle toys

Available Holiday Designs for Outward Hound Puzzle Toy:

Hide-A-Present w/ 3 Presents

Hide-A-Toy Gingerbread House w/ 3 Gingerbread Cookies

Hide-A-Squirrel (No Box) w/ 3 Squirrels

Sizes Available:

For Hide-A-Squirrel Only:



Give your dog a Christmas challenge with the Outward Hound hide-and-seek puzzle plush toys!


Brand Outward Hound
SKU 31018
Barcode # 700603310185

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