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Whether you live in a rental or simply don't want to cut a hole in your wall or glass door, the Patiolink Door Panel is a simple way to let your pets control toilet time!

PATIO LINK pet doors specialise in top quality pet door inserts for sliding doors. They are very easy to install yourself and if you move you can take it with you! They are your PET DOOR FOR LIFE!
Patiolink is Australia's Original and No.1 Pet Door Manufacturer, specialising in Standard and Custom Heights, Colours and Sizes for Sliding Doors. Made in Australia, and with over 17 years of experience, Patiolink can boast of 1000s of happy customers!

What is a Patiolink Door Insert?

The Patiolink Pet Door Insert allows your pets to go in and out so you don't have to! It connects to the fixed side of your existing sliding door and requires no cutting, making it perfect for rentals. You can easily install the panel yourself, or if, like me, you're a little DIY-challenged, it's easy to find an installer.

Standard Patiolink panels fit doors that are 2 meters to 2.1 meters in height, and extension panels are available for separate purchase.

Landlords: Want to make your house or apartment more appealing? A Patiolink Panel will appeal to good tenants with pets.


  • Patio link Pet Door Insert comes with 10 Year Warranty!
  • MAX Security - FULLY LOCKABLE, Security Fly Screen & Glass Sliding Door.
  • FREE LOCKING BRACKET with Patiolink pet doors.
  • Easy to install - no cutting required
  • Installation Service Available Australia Wide if you need
  • The ready-made inserts fit standard height sliding doors between 2.0-2.1m tall.
  • 100% Weather Seal - Protect your home from cold breeze: Weather seals included
  • High Quality Finish, Heavy Duty Aluminium Finish (POWDER COATED)
  • Safety tempered glass (5mm)
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate flap with magnetic closure.
  • Lockable sliding flap cover
  • Removable - when you move - take your pet door insert with you!

What size pet door should I choose?If you are still unsure what is the best size, you can do a test at home - simply open your sliding door to the width of the flap and then measure flap height from bottom of the track up and hold a piece of cardboard at the top where flap height is. Then let your doggie or a cat go through the opening. This will give you a good idea about the most comfortable size.

How to measure your sliding door
Your FIRST STEP is to measure your Glass Sliding Door Height
Please measure your Glass Sliding Door height from inside bottom channel to the top inside channel. Our standard height pet door inserts fit height between 2.0-2.1m tall and inserts are available for purchase separately.

If your door is taller than 2.1m, please search for "Patiolink Sliding Door Pet Door Custom Height Extender".

Free Locking Bracket is provided with your Patio Link pet door purchase.
The locking bracket allows you to lock your GLASS Sliding Door ONLY. Simply install a locking bracket to your pet door insert, transfer your current female lock onto the locking bracket and securely lock your glass sliding door. Trust us, it is very easy to install!

An adaptor allows you to lock both glass and security screen doors. The adaptor is a long skinny panel that gets installed next to the pet door insert. Once the adaptor is installed, it allows you to lock both fly screen and glass sliding doors. This is excellent feature to have especially in warm summer days, you can lock your screen door, enjoy the breeze coming inside your home and keep unwanted bugs outside!  

If you are unsure if your sliding doors and locks are compatible for installation, simply contact us with photos of your locking system.

Lockable flap cover included FREE
If you're going away and want to lock the flap, or you want to keep your pets in or out, simply slide the flap cover on.

For installation videos, please check out the Patiolink YouTube Channel:

Available in 4 standard colours: Black, White, Primrose (Beige) and Silver

Standard sizes:

  Sizes Flap width Rise (from base to bottom of flap) Flap Height
  Small 16cm 5cm 29cm
  Medium 21cm 5cm 38cm
  Large 26cm 5cm 50cm
  X-Large 31cm 5cm 65cm

Colours available: Primrose (Beige), White, Black, Grey

If your door is taller than the standard door, we also stock custom extensions in 2 styles (sold separately) to suit door:
Up to 2.3 meters
Up to 2.5 meters
Up to 2.75 meters
Up to 3 meters

Click HERE to add a custom height extension to this order:



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LOCKING OPTIONS:   You only need to choose one from the two locking option below:

1. LOCKING BRACKET comes FREE with your Patio Link Pet Door insert – allows you to lock ONLY your GLASS SLIDING DOOR

(You place a pet door insert in your glass sliding door channel, relocate your female latch across to a locking bracket in alignment to your handle lock. And then you need to secure the pet door insert to your sliding door frame, by putting one screw through your existing hole where the latch used to sit, so you can catch the pet door insert through the frame, that way no one from outside can push the pet door insert out and the pet door insert is now fixed in and part of your sliding door. When you move home one day, you just simply undo everything and put the female latch where it used to be, and no one will know you had a pet door insert there.

2. ADAPTOR – (optional) allows you to lock BOTH Fly Screen/Security and Glass Sliding Doors

Adaptor is a long skinny panel that gets installed next to pet door insert. Both Female Latches need to be transferred to adaptor panel and pet door insert is to be fixed to the sliding door frame (Where female latch used to sit, so its nice and secure and no one can come in).

Advantage of having an adaptor in place is that you can close your fly screen door to the adaptor, enjoy nice breeze coming inside and keep the unwanted flies and bugs outside.

See how both sliding doors close into adaptor:

Here's brief video about a Locking bracket and also Adaptor Installation:

Just make sure that your height of your sliding doors are a standard height, if you can do a measure, here is how:


You will need to measure your glass sliding door height from the inside bottom channel/track of your glass sliding door, to the top inside channel and let us know your door height.

Measurements dont need to be exact, just as close as possible as pet door insert will have adjustable 10cm top panel on top of pet door insert.

Standard height pet door inserts fit sliding door height between 2.0-2.1m tall.

We do Deliver to NT and delivery takes about 4-7 days.

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