Make travelling with your pet hassle-free with the Ibiyaya Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier!

Take your furry friend anywhere you go with this innovative Ibiyaya pet carrier. The Hardshell Travel Carrier is a collapsible and durable pet travel bag with a large and fluffy pom-pom charm that provides all the basic essentials you need for your pet to tag along with you comfortably. It’s a true home away from home! This pet carrier includes a soft and cushioned removable pet pad inside and an attached safety lead to keep your pet from hopping out of the bag.

Easy-To-Fold Space-Saving Carrier Design

Whether you’re living in a small space or simply like to stay organised, this sturdy pet travel carrier features detachable parts and a foldable design to collapse the bag for quick and easy storage when not in use. The sides can unzip almost completely and fold down to turn the carrier into a compact form for storage.

Wide Transparent Side Windows to Stay Connected with Your Pet

To ensure that you can always check on your pet easily and instantly, the side windows are fully transparent and provide a wide view for your animal companion to observe and visually explore their surroundings. These windows give you the convenience you need to check on your pet without having to open any flaps or doors, and they can see outside the bag without having to poke their head out.

Designed with Ventilation in Mind - Endless Flow of Fresh Air

The front and back sides of this travel bag for pets feature diamond-shaped ventilation holes and the top opening is a mesh flap that can be rolled back and tied with a toggle, giving your pet plenty of fresh air flow in the bag. This cleverly constructed design also helps air out the bag and prevent any smell from lingering.

Carrier Additions that Give Convenience & Comfort for the Pet Parent

Not only is this hardshell pet carrier a dream for any furry friend, it’s also specially designed to ensure comfort and durability to the pet parent as well! The wide shoulder straps allow for hands-free transportation and comes with a shoulder pad to reduce the strain on your shoulders. The side mesh pockets give you extra space to store any necessities, from pet treats to car keys, so that you don’t have to carry extra bags while you’re out and about. 


  • Sturdy hardshell pet travel carrier with transparent windows for easy visibility
  • Collapsible and detachable parts for space-saving storage
  • Front and back designed with diamond-shaped ventilation holes to bring in fresh air flow
  • Features mesh pockets to store and conveniently access keys, phone, pet treats/toys, and more without carrying extra bags
  • Made with three openings (transparent windows and top opening) for more entering/exiting options for your pet - great to use for injured pets that cannot go inside the bag from the smaller top opening
  • Top mesh flap for more ventilation and visibility from above and can be rolled back and tied with an attached toggle to keep it in place
  • Safety lead tether inside bag to prevent your pet from hopping out of the bag
  • Thick and supportive shoulder straps for hands-free carrying - includes shoulder pad for added comfort
  • Includes a removable pet pad inside for extra cushion to keep your pet cosy and comfy while resting in the travel carrier
  • Small “feet” on the bottom of the bag to keep it stable and above ground when you set the carrier down on the floor or other surfaces
  • Comes with a large pom-pom charm for a unique and stylish touch
  • Best for small animals and pets like kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, and more

Colour: Transparent Black


Recommended Pet Weight Limit: 5kg (11lbs)

Product Net Weight: 800g (1.8lbs)

Measurements: Approx. 38cm (length) x 26cm (width) x 29cm (height)

Materials: PC & EVA

Accessories: Shoulder Strap, Removable Inner Pad

Care Instructions: Handwash/spot clean cold only. Do not expose to sun directly. Air dry flat in shade.

Travel with small pets easily with the Ibiyaya Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier!


Brand Ibiyaya
Barcode # 4715243344090
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Carriers & Stroller
Type Tote/Shoulder Bag

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