Providing a convenient way to keep your pet's eyes clean and healthy, these soft bamboo cloth wipes are gentle on cats and dogs of all ages and sizes.

Petkin moistened eye wipes contain a natural formula that gently removes dirt, wax and discharge and reduces tear stains found around the eyes to help prevent irritation that can cause infection. Eue irritation can cause infections that may require medical treatment. By keeping your pet's eyes clean, you can help avoid this.

Remove dirt and discharge from around the eyes and tear ducts, the wipes will also help to reduce tear staining on fur.

  • Helps prevent irritation that can cause infection
  • Natural aloe vera is soothing
  • 100% safe to use around your pet's delicate eye area
  • Cloths are made with soft, organically grown bamboo
  • Eco-friendly made from organic bamboo

Made Specially for: Cleaning your cat's or dog's eyes.

Recommended for:For dogs, puppies, cats and kittens


Brand Petkin
SKU 50-5357
Barcode # 36239053579
Pet Cat
Category Clean-up
Product Type Wipes

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