Whether you own or rent your home, you can now easily install a pet door in your existing sliding glass door so your pets can come and go as they please.

Petsafe's sliding door panel is easy to install and automatically adjusts to fit in your existing sliding glass door. No cutting or drilling required! Great for apartments, this pet door gives your pet easy access to the outdoors for exercise, toilet breaks, or family time on the patio.

The door features a heavy-duty aluminium frame with tempered glass. The soft, flexible tinted flap has a magnetic closure and weather stripping along the opening for a weather-tight seal. A glass sweep and closing panel are also included for improved weather resistance.

This patio pet door fits sliding glass door openings 195cm to 205.7cm tall.


  • Flexible, transparent, soft flap with magnetic closure for weather-tight seal
  • Heavy-duty aluminium frame with tempered glass
  • Fits left or right sliding glass doors 195 - 205.7cm tall
  • Slide-in closing panel included

System Includes

  • Sliding Glass Pet Door Panel
  • Closing panel
  • Connecting bar
  • Weather stripping
  • Glass sweep
  • Adhesive
  • 8cm x 6cm screws
  • 6cm x 1.6cm sheet metal panel mounting screws
  • 8cm x 1.9cm flat head sheet metal frame mounting screws
  • 6 x T-brackets
  • 2 x sheet metal screws
  • 8 x keeper & latch plates 1 cm flat head screws
  • 2 x latch assembly pieces
  • Product manual

Size Chart

Door Size Pet Size Frame Dimensions Flap Opening Rise (from the bottom)
Small Up to 7kg 213mm x 1951mm - 2057mm 133mm x 208mm 45mm
Medium Up to 18kg 289mm x 1951mm - 2057mm 210mm x 310mm 45mm
Large Up to 45kg 340mm x 1951mm - 2057mm 260mm x 416mm 108mm

Available in white only


Brand PetSafe
SKU petsafe-sliding-door
Pet Dog
Category Doors
Type Inserts

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