Make going to the bathroom simpler for your cat with the Pidan Open Cat Litter Box in Grey Snow Mountain!

Inspired by the snowy Kawagebo mountain in the Yunnan Province (China), the Pidan Grey Snow Mountain Open Cat Litter Box provides a minimalistic bathroom spot for your cat. The round and sleek shape is designed to save space and makes a wonderful cat litter for small spaces and corners. The dip in the center of the litter box makes it easy for your cat to go in and out and the high walls prevent litter from falling out of the box. With the simple shape, you can easily clean the Pidan Open Cat Litter Box for long-lasting use.


  • Minimalistic and sleek round and open cat litter box – great for corners and small spaces!
  • Dips in the center to make it easy for your cat to enter the litter box
  • Detachable base and recessed wall to reduce risk of urine leakage
  • High wall around litter box to keep litter in if cat kicks back or digs in litter
  • Designed with eco-friendly Japanese IONPURE antibacterial technology for hygienic use
  • Simple shape for effortless maintenance and care
  • Litter scoop sold separately

Colour: Grey Snow Mountain

Dimensions: 40cm (width) x 30cm (height)

Pet Weight Max: 6.5kg

Make the Pidan Open Cat Litter Box your cat’s personal, space-saving bathroom!


Brand Pidan
SKU Pidan-open-box
Category Litter
Product Type Litter Box & Accessories

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