Cat Evolution Premium Clumping Cat Litter will revolutionise the task of cleaning up after your cat, and return your living space to pet-odour free enjoyment*.

When used in conjunction with the Automatic Litter Robot III Open Air, apartment living with cat litter box odour will be just a memory, as the modern world finally integrates with our needs for our pets.

Even with an ordinary litter tray, Cat Evolution Premium Clumping Cat Litter will reduce odour with its super fast moisture lock and activated carbon working to capture the odour and moisture. Clean up is simple with soiled litter forming solid scoopable clumps easy to see with colour change. An added bonus is the effective odour control even out of the litter tray. No more smelly rubbish bins, or swoonable billows from soiled litter liners and trays!


  • Super fast clumping action with firm compact clumps easy to remove.
  • Economical forms solid clumps which are easily removed without requiring you to empty the entire litter box, or pick up unused litter
  • Locks in odour with its fast action and super absorption. The activated carbon further reduces odour
  • Locks in moisture with highly absorbent bentonite clay
  • Low dust when pouring, minimised tracking
  • Fine ball shape specifically designed without any sharp angles for tender paws
  • Changes colour when clumping for easy cleanup
  • Disposal improved with the moisture lock and activated carbon continuing to work on odour even when in the bin until rubbish day.

18kg supplied in two 9kg packs for easy handling and low risk of spillage


  •     Bentonite Clay
  •     Activated Carbon
  •     Sodium Carbonate
  •     Colourings
  •     Approx. bag weight 18kg (2 x 9kg bags)
  •     Approx. size of bag (when full) 24ltr

INGREDIENTS: natural bentonite clay with 2% activated carbon.


Brand Litter Robot

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