Give your cat hours of fun with the PURRfect Faux Furs & Satin Tails Cat Toy!

Now you can bond with your kitty and prevent them from napping too much during the day with this fun and interactive wand toy! The PURRfect Faux Furs & Satin Tails toy features a bouncy, flexi-neck wand that supports the woven cord and makes unpredictable, lifelike movements, acting as a bait to get your cat to play. The wand has built-in noisemakers to keep your kitty’s interest in the toy and make their playtime more fun. Designed with reinforced satin tails, the soft, faux-fur-made toys at the end make great play pals for your cat and are designed to entertain them all day long.


  • Interactive cat wand toy to encourage daily activity and exercise for your pet
  • Bouncy flexi-neck wand to support cord and create unpredictable movements
  • Fun toy at the end with satin tails to indulge your cat’s hunt and chase instincts
  • Built-in noisemakers in wand to keep your kitty’s interest in the toy
  • Durable cord/tails for long-lasting use and prevents breakage even if cat tugs on toy
  • Soft faux fur toys for added comfort while playing

Design: Assorted Colors/Prints

Wand Length: 81cm

Cord Length: 91cm 

Get the PURRfect toy for your feline friend and keep them active and occupied all day long!


Barcode # 752327000019
Pet Cat
Category toy
toy type Teaser

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