Give your cat more exercise and fun during the day with the PURRfect Go-Fur-It Original Cat Teaser Toy!

Want to bond with your cat and give them more playtime during the day? The Go-Fur-It Wand is designed to provide plenty of fascinating and entertaining elements to your feline friend. Featuring a faux fur pompom toy with feather tails dyed with pet-safe food colouring, this teaser wand toy stimulates your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and prey, giving them a fun and healthy way to release those instincts while bonding with you.

The durable wand is easy makes controlling the movement of the toy easier. With the built-in noisemaker in the wand, the Go-Fur-It Toy captures your pet’s attention and gives them more mentally stimulating entertainment. The 2-meter coil cord springs back and forth for unpredictable, bouncy movements and keeps your kitty’s interest in the toy.


  • Cat teaser wand featuring a variety of stimulating elements for maximum fun
  • Features a faux fur pompom toy with colourful, natural-tinted feather tails
  • Durable wand for easy holding and better control
  • Built-in noisemaker in wand to capture your pet’s attention
  • 2-meter coil cord that stretches and creates bouncing movements
  • Coil cord makes it easy for your cat to pull and tug on the toy without breakage
  • No chemicals or metal material that can be hazardous to your cat
  • Encourages your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and prey
  • Great to use to keep your kitty entertained and active

Colour: Assorted

Wand Length: 81cm

Coil Cord Length: 2.4 meters (when stretched out completely)

Get the PURRfect Go-Fur-It Cat Teaser for endless entertainment for your feline!


Barcode # 752327000521
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Teaser

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