Give your cat a fun and safe toy they’ll love: the PURRfect LeatherBouncer Cat Teaser!

Cats love leather, and we’re sure you may have experienced your cat’s love for leather when they claw at your leather couch, chewed on your leather wallet, or was simply attracted to any of your leather-made belongings. Now you can give your cat a pet-safe, leather-made toy that they’ll never stop playing with!

The LeatherBouncer Cat Teaser features a flexible leather cord that bounces, spins, and flops around to attract your pet’s attention. The leather strands at the end of the faux fur pompom toy makes it fun for your cat to chase and hunt the toy as you drag it along the floor or dangle it over their head. The durable wand is easy makes controlling the movement of the toy easier.


  • Award-winning cat teaser wand toy featuring genuine leather cats love
  • Leather cord and tassels that keeps your pet interested in the toy
  • Faux fur pompom toy with leather tassel tails on the end for extra fun
  • Flexible and bouncy cord that creates unpredictable movements
  • Leather is vegetable-tanned with no chemicals – safe for chewing and biting
  • Plenty of textures that your cat will love to paw and play with
  • Durable wand for easy holding and better control
  • No chemicals or metal material that can be hazardous to your cat
  • Encourages your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and prey
  • Great to use to keep your kitty entertained and active

Colour: Assorted

Wand Length: 81cm

Springy Flex Cable Length: 15cm

Make your cat’s day more fun and entertaining with the PURRfect LeatherBouncer!


Barcode # 752327000545
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Teaser

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