Finally, A litter box that you only have to empty once a week and that can save you hundreds of dolalrs in wasted cat litter a year.

Here are the facts:
Litter boxes smell and scooping litter stinks. The SmartScooper Litter Box removes odours by trapping them in the odour-locking compartment. No smells, so your home smells clean. No need to try to mask the litter odours just before guests arrive.

Cats need a clean loo or they’ll go somewhere else, and leave surprises in random, unwanted places. The SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box is an automatic litter box that scoops fifteen minutes after your cat leaves the box. Plug it in and let it scoop. Easy peasey. Oh, and it eliminates odour, too!

No one likes to scoop. The SmartScoop Litter Box does the dirty work for you - no more scooping!

Litter trays/boxes waste a LOT of litter. SmartScoop's "fingers" scrap along the bottom of the box and gently lift the clumps, and only the clumps. No more waste! You will save around $250 a year in litter.

The SmartScoop Intelligent Self-Scooping Litter Box includes everything you need for 6 months. So you don't have to buy anything for 6 months except litter! And because SmartScoop works with your favourite clumping litter, there's no need to buy costly, special litter.

So how does it work?

  • Add your favourite self-clumping (but not clay) litter to the box, the same way you would a normal litter box
  • Cover the enclosed waste bin with a No-Touch waste bag that's included in the kit, making it hassle-free to dispose of the waste.
  • Once your cat has used the SmartScoop, the sensor will wait 15 minutes after your cat leaves, allowing enough time for the clumps to form.
  • Scoops 15 minutes after cat leaves the box - After 15 minutes, the rake will move forward, scooping the clumps forward and then up into the waste bin.
  • If a cat enters the litter box during the 15 minute countdown, the timer will reset, giving the new waste time to clump.
  • When the bag is full, remove the bag, tie it and toss it. The bag won’t smell since the waste has been trapped in the bin with the Activated Carbon Filter.
  • Replace the No-Touch Waste Bag about once a week and the Activated Carbon Filter about once a month for the average use in a single cat household. If you have more than one cat, change the bag and filter more frequently.


  • SmartScoop is Economical - When you use a standard litter tray, you could be wasting up to 300kg of litter a year – that’s around $250 of wasted litter. Just change the litter about once a month. The litter pan is marked with minimum and maximum lines so you know how much litter to pour in the pan.
  • Uses any (non clay) clumping litter
  • Use the purposely-made No-Touch waste bags or even grocery bags so you don't have to come into contact with dirty litter
  • SmartScoop is Easy to Clean. It fully disassembles, making it easy to clean. Simply remove the rake, waste bin and slide off the motor unit. The litter pan, rake and bin are all washable with warm, soapy water
  • Uses a single assembly motor unit and waste collector
  • No batteries required - plugs into any outlet
  • Heavy duty and easy-to-clean litter pan
  • Smart sensor for triggered activation of cleaning cycle
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA

What's included in the box? The SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box includes the following components:

  • Smartscoop Litter Box
  • Odour abosorbing Zeolite Carbon Filter
  • 4 No Touch Waste Bags
  • Scraper
    (Litter mat is not included)

Size: Litter area is 31cm x 40cm
Large enough for a multi-cat family

SmartScoop does its job, it picks up more contaminated cat litter during an average removal cycle than leading competitors.

NOTE: Use only clumping litter - do not use clay or sandy varieties of clumping litter as the weight when clumped can affect the internal mechanism and will get stuck.


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How to get your cat used to using the SmartScoop Litter Box?
Cats gravitate toward clean litter boxes. Sometimes cats will start using SmartScoop right away.

Here is a trick to acclimate your cat:
Once the SmartScoop Litter Box is set up, place it near your current litter box and keep it turned off. Stop scooping your current box.
When your cat starts using Smart Scoop, turn the power on and remove your old litter box. If the cat misses the box, place the faeces in the litter box and do not pay further attention to the cat. Leave the room and check again in an hour.

If the cat refuses to use the box, try the following:
Move the box to a more secluded area - some cats are shy
Ensure the litter is always clean - just like us, cats don't like to go in a dirty loo
Try a different litter. Cats are fussy!
Your cat might be stressed so it's worth a visit to the vet if the behaviour continues

We recommend the use of a non-clay clamping litter such as Cat's Best or Pidan Bentonite.

Ratings & Reviews

LuckyPet Customer

3 June 2020

I spend hours researching products on the net and this was no exception. As I get older it is more difficult (and somewhat an annoyance at the repetition) to clean the litter tray even having a roll-rock one.. I read more reviews posted online after this purchase and was very content and pleased with my decision (before it had even arrived). This is the absolute, el primo and unquestionably the best "thing" I have ever purchased for my cats (cat scratching posts second place). I have two cats and now a kitten. One cat just smelled the fresh litter and knew this was her new toilet and used it no hesitation. With more than one cat as per other reviews, it does need to get checked more regularly but the "back breaking" previous work I had is gone... I have a portable vacuum that picks up any stray litter and sometimes you may need to use the scooper like device that comes with it.. I have raved about this product to several people and one was so interested I gave her Lucky Pet's name.. So don't be surprised if you sell more of these to the town/city I live in :-). thank you for the competitive price and for the product. I love, love, love it! I would give 10 stars if I could.

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