Restore your pet bed covers and more with the Snooza-exclusive Sewing Kit.

The Sewing Kit includes a 10cm curved needle and jute twine that you can use to restore the Original Snooza Dog Bed Cover, the Super Deluxe Cover, and the Jute Mattress. Instructions are included with the Sew Kit so you can easily fix up your pet bed accessories.


  • Instructions to fix Snooza pet bed accessories comes with Sewing Kit
  • Includes 10cm curved needle and jute twine
  • Can recover the Original Snooza Dog Bed Cover, the Super Deluxe Cover, and the Jute Mattress
  • Great tool to fix covers and other pet bed accessories

Instructions for Using the Sewing Kit:

  1. Cut two small holes approximately 10mm in the bottom corners of the closed end of the cover. Slip the cover over the frame pushing the legs through the holes you have cut, the holes may appear too small however the jute will stretch.
  2. Fold the excess cover down inside itself until it is even with the cross arm when being pulled up tightly.
  3. Start stitching from the inside of the cover as close as possible to the leg. Once the needle is pushed through, bring it around and push it through the other side of the cover and continue stitching.
  4. Use the needle as a lever on the cross arm to pull the cover tight. Place stitches approximately 6cm apart and continue until you reach the other side.
  5. Do an extra stitch at the end before pulling the needle through. Loop the twine around the needle to create a knot. Pull through tightly then cut the end of the twine. Unthread needle and tie a double knot in the twine to finish. 


Barcode # 670410000756

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