Simple and super soft, the Shapes Oblong is a dream bed for all dogs! Stuffed with Snoozafill, the Shapes Oblong cushion provides ultimate comfort and support to give your pet the best resting spot in your home. With removable, replaceable, and refillable parts, this cloud-like dog bed will last for years to come.



  • Oblong shape
  • Removable covers for easy washing
  • Interchangeable covers to mix and match designs
  • Comes in many designs and colours
  • Non-slip paws on the bottom so the bed won't slide around
  • Snuggly body for more comfort and security
  • Replacement parts available for separate purchase

Small - 750mm x 550mm
Large - 1150mm x 750mm
All sizes have been measured to the best of our ability but, when dealing with soft things, we can only approximate.

Pre-Order - Please allow 5-15 days for delivery

What's inside? Snooza Shapes Beds are filled with Snoozafill, a unique blend of foam and fibre specifically designed for pets. Providing the perfect combination of stability and comfort (soft enough for your pet to 'nest' but firm enough to cushion) it's brilliant at retaining its loft AND its machine washable! Over time, you might even like to plump it up with a refill pack, available separately.

With zippered access to the filling, Snooza's Lavender Warmer is the perfect accessory. Manufactured using Australian grown lavender and wheat it's a natural way to keep your pet cosy or, can simply be used to keep the fleas away if they don't need the warmth.

Snooza Pet Products is Australian-owned and endeavours to use as many Australian ingredients as possible. However, in order to bring you the best quality, latest range, or most competitive price, they sometimes need to look elsewhere. So, much like us, their products are a little bit multicultural.

Where is Snooza from?

Fluffy stuff... Their fluffy polyester fibre (used in almost all of their soft beds) actually comes from Thailand. This fibre will not form hard clumps like some others and loves to be washed (a must for a dog bed! So they thought it was worth the overseas trip.

Smelly stuff... We're proud to say the Lavender used in Snooza products is locally grown in Victoria.

Woolly stuff... Why would you use anyone else's sheep?? Wool is 100% Australian.

Snooza’s super-duper fabric range... Anyone in an industry that uses fabrics will know that Australian fabric manufacturers are pretty scarce. So Snooza searched the globe for the best offerings...

Furrier fabrics are a mix of Korean and Chinese; the fabulous Stay Dry Mat is English and the super durable fabrics used for the Flea-Free Dog Bed, Walking Bag and Feed Sack are all Taiwanese.

Spongy stuff... Foam is 100% Australian.

Support your local business and do a good deed for your pooch!



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