Give your dog more mobility with the Solvit Lifting Aid Rear-Only Pet Harness.

If your dog is injured, disabled or elderly, chances are you’ll need a sturdy and strong, yet comfortable, harness to help your pet into vehicles, up the stairs, on their favourite resting spots, and more. The Solvit Lifting Aid Rear-Only Harness is specially designed to support your dog’s rear so that you can provide your pet with better mobility despite any limitations they have.

You can adjust the harness to securely fit on to your pet’s body and lift them by the lifting lead attached to the harness. The harness is easy to put on and remove and features a belly band that supports your dog’s abdomen. The belly band has a removable male protector that can be removed for female dogs. By using the Rear-Only Lifting Aid, you don’t have to worry about putting stress on your pet’s stomach or hips. All the support your dog needs is right in this harness!


  • Rear-only lifting aid for dogs that need support (injured, elderly, disabled, etc.)
  • Strong and sturdy harness, yet made with comfortable padded material for optimal support
  • Completely adjustable for a more secure and comfortable fit
  • Allows your dog to still enjoy some activities like walking and gives them more mobility despite their condition
  • Provides support for pet’s abdomen and reduces stress in the hips and belly area
  • Helps you lift your dog into vehicles, up the stairs, and more without having to carry them by hand
  • Comes with a lifting lead to make lifting and moving your dog stress-free
  • Male protector piece in belly band that can be removed for female dogs
  • Ergonomically designed rubber handles for better gripping and control

Sizes Available:



Sizing Info:


  Chest (A)

  Waist (B)



  61-84 cm

  48-79 cm 

  16-32 kg 


  79-117 cm 

  68-94 cm

  32-59 kg

Give your dog a “lift” with the Solvit Lifting Aid Rear-Only Dog Harness!


Brand Solvit
SKU solvit-lift-rear
Pet Dog
Category Mobility
Features Stairs/Ramp

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