Help your dog reach higher places with the PupStep Lite Stairs!

If your dog needs assistance to reach the couch or bed, the PupStep Lite Stairs is a must-have pet equipment. Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and elderly pets, this miniature pet staircase gives your dog the boost they need to reach higher places and also helps reduce any stress on their joints.

The high-traction steps give your pet better footing and the built-in side rails provide extra protection for safer climbing. Non-skid feet are included to help keep stairs in place to avoid sliding. No assembly required so you can use the stairs right away! The PupStep Lite Stairs is 1kg in weight but can support over 31kg in pet weight.

Does Your Pet Need A Ramp Or Stairs?

Pet ramps and stair aids are easy-to-use equipment to help your pet reach areas, such as their favourite couch or your car, that they may not be able to due to their size or any injuries or disabilities they may have. Ramps and stairs provide a quick and effective way to give your pet a boost in mobility despite their physical limitations.

Small dogs, dogs with arthritis or minor injuries that prevent them from jumping, etc., and large dogs that are at higher risk for joint problems can benefit greatly from a ramp or pet stairs. Ramps are best to use for getting in and out of vehicles easily; for example, if your dog sits in the cargo area of your car, the ramp will help them get out of the car without straining their joints and muscles, even if they’re healthy and active canines. For pet stairs, these are best used indoors to help your dog reach higher areas. However, you can use stairs outdoors as well to help your pet get into cars. Keep in mind that stairs have extra steps for your pet to walk while ramps are flat, so choose the best one for your pet’s needs and any conditions they may have.

Always choose pet stairs or pet ramps, like the Ultralite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp, that is lightweight for easy carrying, foldable for quick storage, and has a non-skid surface and base to keep the ramp or stairs in place. The non-skin surface will also help prevent your pet from sliding or slipping.


  • Lightweight stairs that supports over 31kg of pet weight and provides an easy way for your dog to access their favourite places
  • Helps your dog get to higher places and prevents any stress on their joints
  • Great for small to medium dogs and elderly pets that need assistance
  • Features built-in side rails for extra protection and prevents any falls
  • High-traction steps to provide your dog with better footing
  • Non-skid feet included to keep stairs in place and prevent slippage
  • No assembly required!

Weight Capacity: Supports over 31kg

Dimensions: 61 cm x 41 cm x 50 cm

Product Weight: 1kg

Make your dog’s life easier with the PupStep Lite Stairs!


Brand Solvit
SKU 62362
Barcode # 891293000798
Pet Dog
Category Mobility
Features Stairs/Ramp

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