Sporn Stops Pulling Instantly! Seriously.

Want to stop your dog from pulling and stop the hacking cough? The Sporn Halter Harness helps to train your dog and stop pulling instantly! Even Dr Harry recommends it.

The original Sporn Halter was invented by Joseph Sporn in 1992. Using only the highest quality materials, this halter is guaranteed to stop your dog from pulling. The Sporn Halter is made of the highest quality braided cord and nylon webbing with thermoplastic and nickel-plated steel fasteners. The Restraints are threaded through the fabric Sherpa Sleeves for your dog's maximum comfort. Available in 4 sizes and is easily transformed to a standard collar. 

How is Sporn better?

  • It is Comfortable, secure, safe and does not hurt your dog’s throat.
  • The weight is evenly distributed through the shoulders and the tension runs under the front legs bringing your dog to an immediate stop.
  • Sherpa sleeves cover the restraints under the legs for maximum comfort.
  • Fully adjustable and doubles as a collar.
  • Easy for kids to use and maintain control.
  • Available in super stylish Black
  • Can be used with any leash
  • Machine washable.

Better still, the Sporn Harness can be used with any leash - no need to buy a new one - and it turns into a standard collar! The nylon restraints and sherpa sleeves are removable. Awesome!


  • Instantly stops pulling without choking
  • Comfortable and secure, safe and humane
  • Perfect for management
  • Doubles as an adjustable collar
  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee

Choosing the right size:
The Sporn Halter Harness is available in four sizes.


SMALL - for dogs with a neck size of 22-30cms like Dachshunds, Westies and Jack Russells, Maltese
MEDIUM - for dogs with a neck size of 30-43cms like Basenjis, Cocker Spaniels and Beagles. Shi-Tsu
LARGE - for dogs with a neck size of 43-60cms like Labradors, Shepherds, Boxers and Collies
EXTRA LARGE - for dogs with a neck size of 58-83cms like Great Danes, Mastiffs and Oversized Breeds

The Sporn training harness has been designed to avoid the instinctive pull, making training so much easier and relieve neck strain! Why punish your dog when you can encourage them to walk.


Brand Sporn
SKU LP10662
Pet Dog
Category Collars, Harnesses, Leads
Type Harness

Sporn's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee


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