Spotty Dog Potty Senior & Puppy Training & Housebreaking Pads

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Spotty's Indoor Training Pads can be used with or without the Spotty Training Place Dog Loo.

When used with the Spotty Loo, each super thick pad absorbs liquid waste and odours for up to a week.

For outdoor dogs, once you've trained your dog to go outside the house, simply keep moving the pad to the area you want your pooch to "go". These pee pads can be used daily with all types of dogs, for various purposes (e.g. pee pad, drying wet paws, protecting car seats, drying large spills).

Perfect for:

  • Senior & Incontinent dogs
  • Puppies
  • Dogs who won't go out at night or when it's cold or raining
  • Dogs whose owners have an illness or disability that stops them from getting out and about

No more leaks or mess: Spotty Pads eliminate the mess of newspaper scattered around your home, even if you have a back yard, and you don't have to clean the floor constantly!

Convenient: During meals, at night, and when you're out - you won't have to worry about taking your dog to the loo throughout the day or night.

Super Absorbent: The Spotty Training pads are super absorbent, and turn liquid waste into gel, which means three's less waste and you don't have to constantly replace the pads. One pad can last up to one week, especially when used with the Spotty System.

No wet feet: the liquid is drawn down and turns to crystals inside the pad

Does not leak: No dripping mess during clean up

Perfect for indoors dogs and puppy training: Whether you're at work, out on the town or asleep, your pooch doesn't have to tie its legs in a knot until you can take him out. You don't have to dread your dog's call of nature in the middle of the night or during rain. Use pads indoors, on your balcony, in small or large spaces.


Won't move around your floor: Use the tape at the base of the pad to keep the pad where you want.


Pad Size: 80cm x 50cm
Available in packs of 10, 25 or 100

Tips & Tricks (just in case your pooch has accidents off  the wee wee pad).

DO NOT place the pad on carpet or an area rug
Carpet may seem like a great place to lay the wee wee pad, however, if your dog may miss the pad a little bit, and that means that your carpet now has a urine odour, and your dog may think it's okay to pee on the carpet now! Keeping it away from anything that can absorb and hold onto urine
TIP: If you have to put the wee wee pad on carpet, place a larger towel underneath it so the towel will absorb any accidents.

DO pick up feces right away.
You don’t have to replace the pad, but picking up the feces will give the dog more room to do his/her business.

DO NOT put pads directly along the wall or in the corner of the room.
Placing the puppy pads along the wall or in the corner of the room means that urine can sometimes spray or splash on the wall or down the baseboard. Remember, if the dogs smell their urine somewhere else, it means instinctively it’s okay to go there.

DO place the new pad on top of the old one until the first urine
This encourages your dog to wee in the same place. After he/she has made the first potty break, slide the old one out and throw it away. Keeping this ritual will ensure that our furbabies continue to go on the puppy pad.

DO NOT clean the floor with strong deodorisers, chemicals or fragrances
Remember, we may like the smell of Pine-o-clean, but our furbabies don'! Keep the area smelling as natural as possible, they like the smell of their urine which entices them to go back.

The Spotty Pads are ideal for use if you have a puppy or incontinent pooch of any age or size. Scroll back up to the top of this page and buy a pack now before your pooch has one more accident!

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