Monitor and manage your dog’s health and behaviour to better improve their quality of life with the Sure Petcare Animo.

Do you get anxious when you’re away from your dog? Wonder what they’re up to or want to know if they get stressed while they’re alone? Animo provides pet owners with a detailed look on their dog’s daily habits, activity levels, sleep patterns, and behaviour changes by tracking 24/7. With Animo, you don’t have to keep guessing or having endless questions about your dog’s health and well-being.

Animo is a lightweight, compact device that attaches to your dog’s collar without being intrusive or uncomfortable. This tracker device helps you spot any problem areas, such as behaviour changes after a big move, a surgery/injury, or a new environment for your pet, and address quickly and effectively. Knowing more about your dog’s habits and actions gives you a better understanding of your furry friend, which helps deepen your bond and give them a happier, healthier life.

The Sure Petcare Animo App connects to the Animo device, so you can access all information about your pet. Here are the areas that the Animo monitors and helps you manage:


Activity: Collects data on how much time your dog spends on being active, which includes walking, running, playing, etc. After a week, once you get a better idea of your dog’s activity level, you can set activity goals and tracks progress. The home screen of the Animo App also shows you the last time your dog walked or had an extended activity time.


Calories Burned: Tracks how many calories your dog burns in a day, whether they’re napping or playing. This gives you a key piece of information that can help you manage your dog’s weight to ensure they stay physically healthy.


Sleep: Did you know that stress, discomfort, illness, and anxiety are some of the most common factors that cause dogs to have poor sleep? The Animo monitors your dog’s sleeping patterns and helps you detect any unusual sleep habits, which makes it easier for you to address the issue.


Behaviour: Keep an eye on even the smallest behaviour changes with Animo! This neat pet gadget gives you insights on your dog’s behaviour patterns as well as any minor or major changes. Being home alone, moving to a new place, loud noises, and even adding a pet into the family can cause stress and anxiety, which lead to behaviour differences such as barking more often, scratching, and shaking. Animo detects these actions and sends you a notification if there’s a significant increase in these behaviours.


Learn more about your dog and better understand their needs with the Sure Petcare Animo.



High-tech and innovative 24/7 activity and behaviour tracker for dogs

Helps you learn more about your dog’s daily habits and activity levels

Gives you information to help you make necessary changes to give your pet a happier, healthier life

Lightweight and compact sized monitor that attaches to your dog’s collar – non-invasive accessory

Tracks sleeping patterns, activity, calories burned, and behaviour changes

Rechargeable battery with 6-month battery life and doesn’t require recharging daily

Waterproof device for dogs that love water activities and exercise

Animo connects to smartphone app for better management and tracking in the palm of your hands

Family and friends also get access to help monitor your dog

Great to use on dogs that are home alone, elderly, ill, in a new environment, etc.!



Dimensions: 37mm diameter x 11.5mm depth

Weight: 22g

Battery: CR2032 coin cell battery

Water Resistance: IP67 - Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1m for up to 30 minutes

Collar Attachment: Fits collar widths 12mm – 30mm

Sensors: 3 axis accelerometer

iOS & Android Compatibility: iOS 9 and above or Android 5.0 and above

Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy

Data Synchronisation: 10m data synchronisation range

Memory: 3 weeks’ memory between syncs


In The Box:

Animo monitor

Collar attachments (mounting ring and silicone bands)


Quick Start Guide


Brand Sure Petcare
SKU iBM001
Barcode # 5060180392871
Category Health & Wellbeing
Features Automatic

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