Even the most outgoing of pets need a little break sometimes.

Designed with a semi-transparent surface on one side and an opaque cover on the other, The Bubble Hotel allows you to spoil your pet with either some show time or a bit of alone time with literally just a flip. Getting the best of both worlds has never been easier.

Enjoy the convenience of having a comfortable and portable hotel for your animal companion with this one-of-a-kind pet carrier. Stylish and modern, this portable pet carrier features a vibrant scarlet red and dark grey colour scheme with a removable black and white zigzag-patterned inner pet mat. This pet carrier features double handles and a clip-on shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

A Carrier with a View
Cleverly designed with a wide bubble-like transparent side window, this carrier bag gives your pet a grand view of their surroundings, which is ideal for pets with anxiety that may not like being in closed spaces for too long. The window provides the visibility your pet needs to ensure a safer, less stressful trip outside their home. Compared to traditional crates that only have a small, caged window, the Ibiyaya Bubble Hotel Carrier offers more luxury with its transparent design.

But, if you wish to give your pet some privacy, or they get easily overstimulated with their ever-changing environments while away from home, the other side of the carrier is a solid scarlet red wall that has a small window where the handles are attached. This little window gives your pet just enough view and sunlight for limited visibility and maximum privacy.

Storage-Friendly Collapsible Pet Travel Bag
What’s unique about this carrier is the collapsible, space-saving design. No more bulky and heavy crates! Both sides of the carrier open up completely so that you can flatten the carrier and tuck it away when you’re not using it (e.g., under the car seat, in the closet, in the garage, etc.).

3 Ways to Enter
This versatile and accommodating pet carrier provides three different ways to let your pet inside the bag:
Entry #1 - The Top: The top of the bag features a mesh zippered flap that opens up for your pet to hop inside from the top, which is great for younger, smaller, and more energetic pets.
Entry #2 - The Front: A zippered front door flap is installed for your furbaby to walk through just like they would at home, so it’s much easier on their joints and limbs to enter compared to jumping inside the bag from the top.
Entry #3 - The Sides: The large and wide sides of the carrier can unzip almost completely to allow your pet to enter more comfortably. These side openings are fantastic for injured, disabled, elderly or sick pets that require more assistance from you to place them inside the carrier. You also use these sides to help collapse the pet travel bag for storage needs.

Extra Safe and Sturdy Construction
Made from crack and break resistant PC panels and EVA material, the Bubble Hotel Pet Carrying Bag exceeds SGS and Environmental Stress-Crack Resistance standards to maintain a durable and reliable pet carrier for all your travels with your pet. The inner attached lead also is a safety precaution that’s necessary to keep your furbaby safe inside the bag and prevents them from jumping out when you open the carrier.

Maximum Ventilation
Fresh air is abundant when you use the Bubble Hotel as your go-to pet carrier thanks to the multitude of ventilation holes on the back of the bag and a mesh zippered roll-back top. This carrier is designed with your furry friend in mind to ensure that airflow is constant. The holes also give your pet more access to the surrounding scenery.


  • Made with a high-impact resistance PC panel sturdy enough to withstand cracking or breaking and environment-friendly EVA material that surpass SGS and Environmental Stress-Crack Resistance standards.
  • Incredibly mobile, well-ventilated, safe, and secure – perfect for taking your pet on a stroll.
  • Compact and collapsiblefor easy storage.
  • Lightweight construction to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Equipped with a fancy soft inner cushion coupled with an over-the-shoulder strap in PU leather material to keep you stylish.

Color: Red
Recommended Pet Weight Limit: 6kg
Measurements: L 39cm x W 27cm x H 30cm
Accessories included: Removable pad & safety tether


Brand Ibiyaya
Barcode # 4715243344458
Category Carriers & Stroller
Type Tote/Shoulder Bag

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