Do you have a Bored Dog that suffers from Separation Anxiety when you're away?

The Foobler is about to change all that!

What is the Foobler?
The Foobler is an automatic, self-reloading treat dispensing puzzle toy that has 6 timer activated pods. That makes it both smart and useful!

It's like having SIX puzzle toys in one, that can deliver a full day's worth of dried food or treats over the course of several hours. Simply use the timer to decide how often treats are dispensed to your pooch.

You've seen plenty of puzzle and treat dispensing toys before, but nothing quite like this.


  • Foobler can hold up to two cups of dried food!
  • Has 6 chambers for storing dried food or treats
  • Just set it and forget it
  • Set the timer to release treats every 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  • A bell chimes to tell your dog when it's time for another round of treats
  • When it gets grubby, clean it by hand or in the dishwasher (without the power pod)
  • Made from Food-Grade plastic and is BPA free
  • Up to 9 hours of fun a day!

Why use the Foobler?

  • Helps rehabilitate a dog's natural instinct to hunt and forage for food.
  • Great way to help stop them from chewing everything in sight out of boredom
  • This is truly the first Puzzle toy with an automatic feeder that keeps the dog playing the whole day. Perfect for people who can't spend the whole day with their dogs.

One Size: 17cm diameter
Colours: Blue or Green

Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)

Help prevent your dog becoming bored and destructive when you aren't home, by using the Foobler to keep them engaged and happy. Get yours before we run out!


Brand Foobler
SKU foobler-multi
Pet Dog
Category Toy
Toy Type Interactive
Type automatic

Does the Foobler come with Batteries?
No, you will need to purchase x2 AA batteries

How do I use the Foobler?
The following leaftlet shows you how to insert batteries, set the timer, turn on and wash the Fooblerplus trouble shooting

How do I insert the batteries?
Please see the video on how to open How to install the Foobler Batteries

How do I open the Foobler lids
Please see the video on how Open the Foobler lids

How do I turn on the Foobler
Please see the video on how  turn on the Foobler  – Make sure the Green light is flashing

What timer modes are available?
The Foobler has the option of 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes food dispenser settings

How do you introduce the Foobler to Timid Dogs?
The bell sound or size of Foobler can sometimes be intimidating to small or timid pets.

• Be certain your dog is hungry and interested in eating the kibble you will be offering.
• Introduce Foobler to your pet by placing 2-3 pieces near Foobler. Once your pet eats those pieces of kibble go to the next step.
• Place several pieces of kibble in the finger cut outs on the food lid on top of Foobler. When your pet is comfortable eating those pieces then go to the next step.
• Once your pet understands that Foobler is associated with their favorite food, introduce it.

How do you introduce the Foobler to Aggressive Chewers?
• It is ideal for you to introduce Foobler to your pet in an interactive manner to help them understand how it works to deliver food.
• Observe how your dog plays with Foobler. If they continue to play to the point of chewing or gnawing, take away Foobler and reintroduce it to your dog with the next bell alert to reinforce understanding that food is available again. Repeat this method to help them learn how Foobler works.
• Demonstrate the relationship between the bell sound and food by pressing and holding the power button then rock and roll the Foobler to allow kibble or treats to fall out the hole. Repeat this several times to be sure your pet understands that the bell means food.

What are the dimensions of the Foobler?
The Original Foobler measures 17cm in diameter and weighs approximately 600 grams

What size Kibbles / treats can be used in the Foobler?
It can accept kibbles up to 12mm in diameter.

Does the Foobler come with additional instructions?
Yes the Foobler comes with an instruction leaflet

Does the Foobler come with a Guarantee?
Confidently, the answer is quite simply… YES!
Once Foobler has been returned to us (within 30 days from original order date), we’ll provide a one-time replacement… no questions asked.

Is the plastic material Pet Safe?

We specifically selected materials that are FDA compliant.
Note: the Foobler does require x2 AA batteries so your Dog should be monitored at all times when using the Foobler

Is Foobler Durable?
Very! Still, no dog toy is indestructible. The Foobler  was designed for interactive and supervised play, and is recommended for dogs up to 27kg.

Monitor your dog during play, and inspect the toy frequently; worn or damaged Foobler toys should be removed and replaced immediately.

If you think your dog has swallowed a piece of Foobler, contact your veterinarian. Ultimately, your dog’s safety is your responsibility.

Can my Aggressive Chewer Dog use it?
Foobler is an interactive puzzle feeder and not a chew toy. It is designed to be highly durable, but aggressive chewers need to be monitored until they understand

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