Not all pet cooling mats are created equal. The Cool Pet Pad requires no water or electricty, so that makes it more than equal!

The Cooling Pad cools your dog as soon as they lay on it! The pressure-activated, non-toxic* cooling gel formula is activated by your pets weight and heat. It lasts for up to 3 hours and automatically recharges itself after 15-20 minutes of non-use.

The Cool Pet Pad is a revolutionary self-cooling pet cushion that works without refrigeration, water, or electricity. No hassle filling with water which means no mold or leaks. Simply lay the Cool Pet Pad where your four-legged friend likes to relax, introduce him/her to the pad, and let the magic work!

Take It Anywhere: The Cool Pad is lightweight, portable, and fits in cars, beds, and crates. It is non-toxic and safe for pets, people, and the planet.


  • Cools and soothes, helps prevent over heating and dehydration
  • Lasts for years, recharges automatically, weight activated, no water, no electricity, no refrigeration
  • Non-toxic, safe for people pets and planet
  • Sturdy construction; folds easily; wipes clean
  • Activated gel starts cooling on contact
  • No refrigeration, water, or electricity needed
  • Recharges automatically
  • Soothes aches, pains, and swelling
  • Helps prevent overheating and dehydration
  • Fits in standard beds and crates

Cooling Pad Care: Use a soft cloth. Clean with mild soap and wipe clean with water. Allow to dry completely before use or storage. Store in a cool, dry, location.

The Cool Pet Pad is the perfect treatment for pain, swelling, discomfort, and stress. It's great for older dogs.

The following conditions have been helped by the Cool Pet Pad:

  • Heatstroke
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cushing's Disease
  • Allergies
  • Post Chemotherapy
  • Skin Conditions
  • Post Surgery
  • Epilepsy and Seizures

Available in 5 sizes:

Small - Up to 6.8kg
Measures - 30 x 38cm
Medium - 6.8-13.6kg
Measures - 39 - 50cm
Large - 13.6- 25kg
Dimensions - 60 x 89cm
X-Large - 23+ kg
Dimensions - 70 x 110cm

Dogs Love This Pad — Now you can too!


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