Tracerz Extended Release Scent Markers for Blind Dogs [SCENT: Spicy Clove - Path for Doors and Entrances]

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Now your furry friend, even if they’re visually challenged, can live a happy, comfortable life thanks to the Tracerz Scented Markers!

Formulated with a highly concentrated formula of organic essential oils, these scent guides are innovative creations that help blind dogs find their way around their environment. Long-lasting and effective, these markers can last up to a year; all you need to do is scratch the surface every few weeks to refresh the scent emissions and keep the scent strong enough for your pet to sniff out.

From doorways to furniture, these miniature dot-shaped markers can be placed anywhere easily and hidden from view. You can expect to see results within 48 hours, which is the typical time frame for most dogs to avoid more collisions with their surroundings. This pack of Tracerz Scented Markers come in a variety of signature scents from this product line. Grab a pack of these markers to everyday movements easier than ever for your blind dog!


  • Pack of mixed Tracerz markers scents to mark paths
  • Designed to help visually challenged pets navigate more easily through their home
  • Made with a concentrated formula of certified organic essential oils
  • Can be placed on a wide range of objects and surfaces for versatile use
  • Great to use to guide your pet through pathways and doors
  • Obstacle markers also available separately

Scent: Mixed Scents Package

Main Purpose: Can be applied to any pathway

Quantity: 28 Path, Door & Entrance Markers

How to Use:

1. Locate the areas that your pet often visits.

2. Place the path markers on entryways and exits. Make sure you place the markers at your pet’s height. It’s recommended that you use gloves to place the markers to prevent your own scent from mixing in with the marker’s scent; pets have strong smelling senses after all. Avoid placing the markers near windows or doors that you frequently open or places where there’s heavy smells such as perfumes (e.g., your bathroom).

3. Most pets will pick up on the markers; however, it’s best to help your pet get familiar with the placement of the markers, so lead them through their usual pathways through their environment and let them sniff out the markers. Please note that it may take extra time for your pet to get used to the Tracerz markers. Typically, it will take up to 48 hours for your pet to avoid more obstacles when the scent guides are in place.

4. To keep the scent fresh, scratch the surface of the markers every few weeks to expose a new layer of fragrance. These markers can last up to a year, though it’s recommended that you replace them every six months.

Tip: Rearrange furniture or other objects that can be hazardous to your blind pet’s well-being before sticking the Tracerz Scent Markers.

Most suited for dogs but can be used for cats!

Brand Innovet
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