Want to make your Transcat Cat Door more Secure? Simply add an Electromagnetic unit and allow only the pets YOU CHOOSE to come and go.

How does it work?
Your Dog or Cat wears a small magnet cushioned in a soft, light weight holder attached to any type of collar. The Electronic unit is positioned behind the flap which remains locked until unlocked by the special collar attachment coming within range. A sensor inside the electronic unit will release the Transcat door latch when your pet approaches, allowing your pet to enter. The latch will remain open for approximately five seconds to give them plenty of time to enter.

What is included?
1 x electronic unit
1 x Magnet & Holder in either black or white (additional collar adapters are available)

The Transcat Electronic Upgrade is designed to deter nuisance Cats from entering your home. A latch is positioned behind the flap which remains locked until unlocked by the electronic unit.

This Transcat Electronic Unit is ONLY for use with the Small Transcat Cat Door, not the Pet Door.

The digital electronic unit consists of a black box that sits just below the flap on the Transcat Clear Cat Door with the bulk of the box on the outside. The cat wears a small magnet in a soft light holder that fits on a collar. A sensor in the electronic unit will release the cat door latch when your cat approaches, allowing your cat to enter. The latch will remain open for approximately 5 seconds to give your Cat time to enter.


The Electronic upgrade comes with an included magnet so either black or natural.

If your cat procrastinates and does not push the flap within 5 seconds the unit resets itself and becomes available to another changing magnetic field. In practice cats soon become accustomed to how the unit works.

There is no restriction on exiting the cat door (unless locked manually). The electronic unit only restricts access, so you can rest easy knowing only the pets you have allowed access, get access!


Brand Transcat
Barcode # 9415664000074
Category Doors

Can the Transcat Electromagnetic Adapter unit be used with both the cat and dog door?
No, sorry. The Transcat Electronic Adapter Unit can only be used on the Smaller Cat door.

Which batteries do I need for the Adapter?
AA batteries are required for use. Four new alkaline batteries will last for approximately 12 months with one pet.

Are batteries included with the Adapter unit?
As people have preferences about the batteries they use, they are not included.

How will I know when the batteries are starting ot lose power?
When the batteries start to lose power the unit will emit a beeping sound when the door is operated. If the batteries are not changed the unit will begin to beep continuously until the batteries run flat. 

How is the unit installed?
Instructions are included with the kit, and do involve a little alteration to the door.

Can I choose the magnet colour?
If you prefer black or white, please let us know and we will do our best, as the magnets are provided with the units without colour informationand colours are provided randomly. 

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